I’m having some really difficult problems with our last Internet server provider, AITCom.net. I moved our server over to logjamming.com a couple of months ago (I’d highly recommend them–only $60/year, and the best money we ever spent). Then I cancelled our AIT account and faxed in the required confirmation. We were all set.

Or so I thought, until my credit card gets hit for a whopping $132.89 on Friday. It seems that AIT not only charged me for a new month, but upgraded me to a “Server 2” membership (unrequested and unauthorized) for over a hundred bucks.

I’ve been on the phone since Friday with Greg, Selena, Candace, Juanita, and Duane, trying to straighten this out, and I’ve gotten nowhere. They said the confirmation fax never arrived, but don’t seem to recognize that I resent them the fax and the receipt showing proper delivery on 4/29.The manager who is supposed to fix this, Cory Clinton, doesn’t seem to ever be there when I call. I’m building up documentation–a certified letter is next. They have 30 days to refund the money, and then I can file the documentation with my bank to get the money back. If I’d known this was going to be a problem, I would have cancelled my credit card before the charge hit. I think I should cancel it anyway after this is over. Oh, well–you live, you learn.