It was great to visit Kevin on Saturday and Sunday morning. We did some computer stuff, talked about a lot of things, and went to a party on Saturday evening at John Dorcester’s house. Susie and I made my Sweet Italian Jambalaya, and it was much in demand (until it was nearly gone, in fact). Kevin’s friends are really, really nice people. Cool, too. In my favorite discussion I learned a lot about Philly’s history and architecture.

The visit was too short, actually–we could have used another day. But I couldn’t really complain, since I was already missing Denise, Alyssa, and Drew. It was nice to get back home to them. I got home to find Denise on the back porch and the kids cavorting around in the back yard (Parent’s note: you know your kids are growing up when you can actually read a newspaper for more than 3 minutes while they play on their own).