Mike Pinkerton articulated a popular viewpoint about being told that the time is over to protest the war, now get in line behind your country.

I see his point–free speech is a strength of our country, and how dare the government tell us what to think and that “it’s basically too late, so shut up.” That’s bad mojo on the part of the government.

However: I think that most people would agree that we should at least support our troops that are out there even if we decry the reason for their involvement (if you don’t agree, then you may as well stop reading–this post is lost on you). Now, as a soldier in a life or death situation, it is a crushing blow to your morale to hear that people at home hope you’re OK, but they really think you have no business being where you are and doing what you must do. In combat, doubt and hesitation can get you killed. I have no problem that people feel strongly against the war, but I hope that no soldier ever hears of the discord over the war until they’re out of harm’s way. I’ve never been a soldier, but I have the utmost respect for those who put their lives on the line. I hope as few as possible leave this world in battle, and for those who do I hope they know how much their lives mean to us.