To me, this is parenthood.

Two weeks ago at Giant, they have no Sesame Street vitamins, so the kids beg for Jimmy Neutron vitamins. They look good nutritionally, so that’s what I get.

Over the next week I get the kids to try the Jimmy Neutron vitamins on five separate occasions. They hate them. They won’t take them. Six bucks down the drain.

Last week, I mention to my wife that the kids won’t take the new vitamins. Denise doesn’t like to take her own vitamins (she considers them pills and she hates all pills–really hates them), so I think she will empathize with the kids. She doesn’t. I’ve already since bought the kids Sesame Street vitamins, so Denise decides to take the Jimmy Neutron vitamins herself.

Denise has now been taking Jimmy Neutron vitamins for over a week. She says she’ll finish the bottle. The kids really don’t know what to make of it. I think it’s hysterical. Apparently, the only thing my wife hates more than pills is wasting money.