(Just to prove I will use anything to keep my kids in line…)

As I was getting ready for work yesterday, Drew made an observation: “Daddy, you have a BIG–FAT–HUGE–TOE!” (no, it’s not that big–well, maybe in comparison to Drew’s little toes it is)

“Really, Drew? I guess so…” I said. Then I had an idea. “Drew, you need to get dressed now–we’ll be late.”

Drew resists.

“Drew, if you don’t get ready now, the Toe will be very disappointed. It may be upset. I can’t vouch for the Toe. It may come after you.”

Drew expresses disbelief. I wiggle the “Toe” and move it closer to him.

“I’m telling you Drew, you need to get dressed now! I can’t control the Toe! IT’S COMING FOR YOU…”

Drew screams and giggles, and more importantly scurries into his room and gets his little butt dressed.

Mock my parenting “skills” if you wish, but they get results. My kids had better behave–they never know when the “Toe” may come back to keep them in line…