My brother Joe has come back to the states to visit from his home in Guam. He flew from Guam to Seattle on Thursday, and tonight is winging his way to Florida to visit with my mom and my sister.

Joe stayed in Seattle for a couple of days, renting a car and driving around to see some friends (he lived there for a bit before moving to Guam in 1991). I asked Joe what car he rented out of idle curiosity. “I’m driving a Ford Explorer” he replied.

“An Explorer? Wow–how’d you get that?”

“Well, I had an economy, but they upgraded me for free.”

Only my brother Joe could make these things happen. You know, maybe it’s just people named Joe who have all the luck (right, Joe Way?).      🙂

Here’s a pic of Joe from his trip to Europe with Mom two years ago, by the way: