It seems like my mind wants to purge this stuff. The more I write about Denny’s, the more I think of. I’ll try to restrain myself somewhat.

In 1988 (if I remember the year properly), Denny’s closed for Christmas for the first time. I was back at Denny’s in Clifton Heights, and we began to be a bit worried. We didn’t know if we could actually lock up, since no one seemed to remember where a key to the front door might be. The restaurant had been continuously open, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, with someone always there since 8 years before on November 5, 1980.

Someone resolved the situation. Either they found the key or they brought in a locksmith (I can’t remember). We managed to close on Christmas Day, angering hundreds of people who for some reason wanted to go out to a restaurant for dinner that day.