My time is more limited nowadays, but it was nice to change the front brakes myself on my Legacy today. 195,695 miles and still going strong. They wanted $75 to replace brakes that cost me $19 at the parts store.

Of course, one of the front wheel lug nuts partially stripped as I took it off. I’ve never seen anything like it. Nothing can ever be simple with me.

But WD40 is my friend–it helped get the nut off, and the nut managed to rechase the threads when I bolted it back on. So it’s OK for now.

My bigger concern is why the two small bolts that screw the front discs/rotors onto the wheel are missing on both sides. I’ve been driving this way for 30,000 miles, so I don’t think that my wheels will fall off tomorrow, but I do plan to ask Larry about it when I take it in to him for inspection on Friday.

Once in 1983 (if I recall correctly), Bill Brownlowe and Elaine Zaleski were driving Irene Zaleski’s Vega up to the Poconos (where we were all camping) and the wheel started acting funny. They pulled off the turnpike’s Northeast Extension into a plaza and jacked the car up. The wheel fell off.

Yep, I’ve got a tangential story for just about everything–it’s just my way. I just hope that doesn’t happen to the Legacy.