Gary Share is Microsoft’s director of product management for Windows.

Gary Share is the spokesperson for Internet Explorer in relation to the Firefox browser, which in a few months since its 1.0 unveiling has taken the world by storm, topping 10 million downloads and reducing IE’s market share below 90% and counting for the first time since, well, ever since it got there.

Gary says some funny things about Firefox and IE in this New York Times article (free reg required). He’s certainly arguing for the company product, IE.

But he doesn’t use IE himself.

From the article:
“Mr. Schare may be the official spokesman, but he does not use Internet Explorer himself. Instead he uses Maxthon, published by a little company of the same name. It uses the Internet Explorer engine but provides loads of features that Internet Explorer does not. “Tabs are what hooked me,” he told me, referring to the ability to open within a single window many different Web sites and move easily among them, rather than open separate windows for each one and tax the computer’s memory. Firefox has tabs. Other browsers do, too. But fundamental design decisions for Internet Explorer prevent the addition of this and other desiderata without a thorough update of Windows, which will not be complete until 2006 at the earliest.”