I got Virtual PC for OS X on Thursday. I really like its features. It’s a little slower, I think–I’m not sure. I heard that Connectix said VPC OS X is actually hampered by preemptive multitasking–the app can’t monopolize the processor in X the way it can in OS 9. I’m not sure if that’s true–I’m just happy to have a native version on my system. I came up with a way to kernel crash my system using it, though. If I go home and switch to my home location, VPC will crash when I start up a PC config (virtual machine). I mean crashing big time–debugger lines on my screen and everything. It seems to be looking at my wired ethernet connection, and dying on the vine when it doesn’t find a network. I can fix it two ways: I can change the VPC prefs to wireless 802.11 from [default], or I can disable the ethernet port in my Home network location in OS X.

Still, it’s a cool app.