I had a tilt table test last week, which confirmed that I don’t have a heart issue. They made me pass out on the table to confirm the diagnosis, which wasn’t a pleasant experience. What I have it vaso-vagal syncope, an exaggeration of the triggers that everyone has to slow down or speed up their heart. My case is pretty mild, so I just need to make sure I drink lots of fluids and eat plenty of salt (no lie–my blood pressure is pretty low, actually–108/72, generally). If I feel faint I need to lie down to get blood to my head. I haven’t had an incident since the one time in March, though. My wife says that a diagnosis involving lack of blood flow to the brain would explain a lot (but she says that males think with another part of their anatomy anyway, so I guess that wouldn’t be a problem).

Seriously, it’s good to define what was happening to me. As I lose more weight and get back to being more active, I think that the symptoms will go away permanently. Lots of camping and hiking this summer for me, which is awesome.