It looks like the proposed sale of Hershey Corp. is in the courts now. If you haven’t heard, Hershey Foods is largely owned by a trust. This trust operates the Milton Hershey School and also owns HERCO, the company that runs Hershey Park, etc. The trust wants to sell its controlling interest in Hershey Foods to diversify its holdings. They in effect want to sell the company. The town of Hershey is freaking out. Bascially, a new owner could close down operations in Hershey, PA, and the town would lose the character it’s had for almost 100 years. I live ten miles from Hershey, so I feel some empahty for the conflict. My take? I don’t think Milton Hershey would have approved of the trust’s actions in a million years. I think they’re violating the spirit and intention, if not the letter, of his will and wishes.

I hope it turns out OK. All good things must end, but there’s no need to rush it, right?