I’ve downloaded the latest nightly build of Camino (formerly Chimera). While the latest release of Chamino is version .7, the nightly builds are now focusing on the .8 version. The biggest change is that the developers are merging the code with the Mozilla trunk, which essentially means that they get all the benefits of the work that’s been going on with Mozilla. The first visible benefit is speed. I could tell instantly that today’s Camino is way superfast. Awesome.

The disadvantage is that we lose a few things until the bugs are ironed out again with the trunk implementation. Buttons and checkboxes in Camino have become boxy like they used to be, but that’s just cosmetic. The history drawer window has lost its relative dating (Today, Yesterday, 2 days ago, etc.)–it went back to 0, 1, 2, etc. But that’s just cosmetic too. The one pain is that the new build has reintroduced some instability into the program. But I can live with that–it’ll likely improve daily as the developers excise bugs. There are indications of some new cool stuff in the works, too, like a new bookmark manager. You know, with the number of browsers running on the Macintosh platform, it’s a great time to be a computer user.