I’ve long wanted to put some of my top movies into this weblog, but it’s so tough to nail them down. Some of my favorite movies are showing their age, too. Regardless, here are a few of my top movies in no particular order:

Raiders of the Lost Ark–like my friend Kevin says, Indiana Jones has more action in his little pinky than James Bond has in his entire body.

Ordinary People–Robert Redford’s first directed film. As I’ve re-watched this over the years, my understanding of what the family’s conflicts are all about continue to evolve. A great character drama.

Risky Business–it transcended the subgenre of teen comedy movies. One of Curtis Armstrong’s earliest (and possibly best) roles.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring–need I say more?

The Two Towers is great too, but departs from the books more.

North By Northwest–Great Alfred Hitchcock film with Cary Grant. People say Notorious is just as good or even better, so I guess I should make a point to see it.

It’s A Wonderful Life–so I’m a sucker. Sue me.

The Princess Bride–if you haven’t seen this, go get it right now. Try to recognize Billy Crystal.

Back to the Future–I’ve seen it a hundred times. The attention to detail between 1955 and 1985 is amazing, by the way.

Groundhog Day–one of my all time favorites, and I don’t necessarily see this as a comedy. One of my favorite scenes is when Phil is sitting quietly in a diner, looks around him, and smiles. You can tell he’s begun to get what it’s all about.

Pleasantville–a great character movie.

I tend to be into movies that are character driven more than plot driven. This explains many of my top movie choices, or other favorites like Gattaca.