A few weeks ago, I was driving with my wife Denise and the little ones, and I looked over to see a car on a lot that looked like a Forester. I never figured out what kind of SUV it was, but a few miles later, Denise said she “saw me” checking out “the female” at the lot. She said I was caught red-handed (or -eyed as it were). This did catch me by surprise, so I explained to her that I was looking at a car and not at all at “the female.” She seemed unconvinced, but then I had an idea. I explained to her that since I’d missed the female, and probably other attractive women during drives with Denise, could she just please point out all the attractive females wherever we go so that I would at least get to see the ones I was accused of looking at? I mean, it’d be a win-win situation, right?

She didn’t think so, either.