I’m wiped. We just got back from Hershey Medical Center. Alyssa’s apparently fine, but she had a huge reaction to one of the vaccinations she got yesterday at the doctor’s. Her arm around the shot swelled up, became very red, and got very hard. The doctor said that it was essentially one giant hive (3 or 4 inches around). We had to cover it with Benadryl creme (it itches incessantly) and give her oral Benadryl (the first time she’s had antihistamines in her life). She’s taking it well. In fact, if she were taking it any better, she’d be bouncing off the ceilings. I think the Benadryl finally kicked in, though–she’s now out for the count.

We are entirely too familiar with the emergency room at Hershey Med. I think if we go back there any more often they’ll name the waiting room chairs after us.