I’ve been looking for a web reference to Robert Heinlein’s house for several years. Heinlein designed and built his own house in Colorado Springs just as the ’50s began. Later he designed and built another house called “Bonny Doon” when he moved to Santa Cruz in the ’60s. These houses were full of ingenious features. The Colorado Springs house was featured in the June 1952 issue of Popular Mechanics, and I’ve finally found a reference to it. The article itself is scanned into JPEG files and posted on the site. Now if only I can find more references to the “Bonny Doon” house–the only one I’ve found so far is here. The relevant quote from the site: “The house itself was spectacular: Round, all local redwood, with a bonsai garden under a dome at the center of it. The entire inner periphery was floor-to-celing bookshelves.”