I’d post more today, but my laptop ran out of power playing games for the kids, since I had three kids to watch who actually were angels, but they used this laptop without a power adapter, because I lent it to Brad and forgot to take the one from work home, but then I went to work at ten after Denise got home so I could plug in and make a post, but now it’s 11:34pm and I’m tired, and I went to sleep after midnight every day this week so I’m more tired, and tomorrow I have a big day with the kids and the Easter hunt at day care but probably not the day at Strasburg with Joe and Laura because things conflict despite my great efforts and I hope they’ll forgive me and we’ll get together soon.

It was actually a pretty good week, though. I made lots of progress.

(Welcome to the mind of Dave, on which six threads of thought can be running at any given time)