The “Tokyo Drew” post a few weeks ago engendered a few comments, one of which was my sister Lisa’s comment about the time the drapes were nearly ruined when we were children. Food was involved, children were involved, drapes were caught in the crossfire, and my parents made us write 500 times that we wouldn’t throw food, or play with food, or whatever each of our parts of the transgression was. I was of course completely blameless in what I remember as the “Spaghetti Incident,” but Lisa has a more precise memory of this traumatic event:

“Looking back, you are right about who did the throwing. It was not spaghetti, but instead a wretched stew of some sort that was likely a kitchen experiment gone wrong.

Lesson #1: A cook must be prepared to admit he/she has bungled… it is not acceptable to smile “convincingly” and serve it anyway… the mouth under the age of
10 can not be fooled.

Lesson #2: After serving such a “meal” do not leave said children under 10 unsupervised to eat alone while you check on your wallpapering project upstairs.

Lesson #3: The eldest Brother may not require the youngest brother to consume an additional portion of the “stew” or a serving spoon full may be thrown in his direction. [Editor’s Note: Lisa must certainly be remembering this part incorrectly–as you recall, I am of course blameless. –eldest brother Dave]

Lesson #4: “Stew” stains custom-made Italian draperies.

Lesson #5: After a food fight, check for damage before taking off… you can run, but you can’t hide.

Now that you’ve made me look back… I don’t remember having a role in the event yet was also required to complete the writing assignment. Sigh, I must be off to polish my halo now. :)”

Hmmmm. As I recall, I was the only one who had to write 500 times since I had just learned cursive and could actually finish the assignment. I don’t think Lisa or Joey could write much, since they were in 1st or 2nd grade at the time. I was ripped, man. But I don’t carry a grudge. Oh no. Not at all.

She’s right about the 10 year old mouths, too. Drew tells the day care folks that “Daddy’s diet food tastes like dog food.” Tell us how you really feel, Drew–don’t hold back. 🙂

Oh, and the drapes? The went to the dry cleaners and came back unstained. They lived to grace the windows for several more years and moved with us to our next house at 14 South Swarthmore Ave. in Ridley Park.