I’m trying to wrap my mind around the idea of this new uber personal information manager, Chandler. This piece of software is in its nascent stages. It’s a super office manager–it’s like having a super secretary as a piece of software. Say you have a project you’re working on. Chandler will help you organize a project file that ties together everything to do with the project: emails, calendar dates, to dos, address book contacts, pictures, audio (MP3s), video, notes, spreadsheets, web pages, and more. It seems that virtually anything you have on your computer that has to do with your project can be tied together in Chandler.

But there’s more. It doesn’t just tie things together. It will help you create these things too. It helps you share them too.

If it does all this stuff, it really becomes a computer platform like Windows or Mac OS, or in this case a “sub-platform” inside Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

I’m really curious about how this thing will turn out. I’m also curious how they’ll pull all of this off for three operating systems within 10 years.