The title above is from the book Ben and Jerry’s: The Inside Scoop. In the early days of their company, Ben and Jerry would occasionally need to fire people who just couldn’t do their jobs at all. So they would start saying to each other “The monster is hungry, The monster must eat.” That was the code that meant Ben was going into monster mode and letting someone go.

It means something different to me now. This blog is slowly growing into something of a monster itself, and it seems to need me to feed it words every day. Right now it’s lived on meals of “link posts” for a while, but it wants more war stories. It wants a lot of them. Some of the stories it wants are big. I have to chop these stories up into manageable sections though, or they’ll never get done. I hesitate to put some of these stories to words, since they cast some doubt on my relative sanity, but they all happened a long time ago and things have changed, right? Besides, I don’t think there’s really a question of my sanity–it’s been gone now for a long time. 😉 I think I’m out of time tonight, so I’ll have to start tomorrow. But it has to be soon: the monster is hungry, and the monster must eat.