Ars Technica has a great and humorous review of iTunes 4 (if you can get past the first page of Steve Jobs as a homeless man and the white on black text of the Ars Technica website).

One quote from the article:
“I pitted iTMS, without an Altivec-enhanced RDF unit, up against the evil that is P2P, which I had to download–talk about a shocker! They expect you to pay for it! Hard working authors of software that makes it possible to get other hard working authors’ work for free expect you to pay them. It is faith on a scale that surpasses Steve Jobs on his best Megahertz Myth making day. Setting aside the obvious argument that I have no intention of paying for something that helps me steal (infringe on copyrights), does it really make sense to turn over a credit card number to people who might suddenly find themselves with a court order to their head, demanding they turn over their customer list? Of course, I’m sure they’ll bite down on the fake tooth and fire off the electromagnetic shotgun at their servers on that terrible day. Sure.”