While I was driving the kids home from day care, my wife Denise called me on the cell phone. As I sometimes do, I passed the phone to Alyssa (my five year old) and let her take the call. The conversation went like this:

Alyssa: Hi, Mommy!

[More conversation]

Alyssa: Mommy, we have some treats to eat! They came from Kayla for her birthday! They’re round and full of sugar. They have LOTS of carbs. [they were LifeSavers]

Denise: [Asks Alyssa how she knows about carbs]

Alyssa: I figured it out, Mommy! Daddy can’t eat carbs, and he can’t eat sugar. Sugar is carbs!

[Conversation continues, ends]

Me (Beaming over my little girl and how I “taught” her about carbs): Alyssa, you learned about carbs from me?

Alyssa: Yep, Daddy.

Me: That’s great, Alyssa. You know–

Alyssa: I learned it from you talking waaay too much about it.

I guess my next low carb meal will be humble pie.