Well, my experiment with the weblog writing tool Movable Type proved more successful than I anticipated. I’ve used Radio Userland since I began this weblog in early 2002, but I’ve always been open to other blogging tools. Blogger showed promise, but MT has everything I want (at least so far).

Last night I exported all of my posts from Radio and imported them into my Movable Type system. Now everything is in Movable Type–I brought the system live just after midnight, and you’re reading it right now. It was that easy. I thought it would take a few days or weeks, but boom–it’s done. You may not notice much of a difference on the surface, but under the hood, everything’s changed.

The only real glitch in the move was that all my posts came over dated as 1902 and 1903 entries. Wow. It was a little surreal to see that I apparently posted to this weblog one hundred years ago. I had to correct them before I went any further. Go figure.

Welcome to SplitFocus on Movable Type!