Here’s a quick Denny’s story for you from 1986. When I was at City Line, I broke up a knife fight–an incredibly stupid thing to do. Two guys were getting into a fight (at Table 306, if I remember correctly). I came over to keep an eye on them, when they began to get violent. One guy took the knife and got up to apparently use it on the other guy. I ran over and talked him out of it. Actually, if I remember correctly, I asked him to take it out somewhere else if they were really that upset. But I said a couple of other things too, and they settled down and eventually left. I didn’t read about them in the papers, so I think things resolved without violence. Yep–it was pretty stupid of me.

But it was pretty stupid of the knife guy, too. The knife he picked up to use was a serrated Denny’s steak knife. What was he going to do, saw the other guy to death?