Some Denny’s facts lodged in my head–location, unit number, model, and phone number (sad, isn’t it–I’ve been gone from there since 1989, so these brain cells are just wasted at this point):

Denny’s in Langhorne Unit #823 (a 109 unit) No clue
Denny’s in Media Unit #855 (a 109 unit, newer than Langhorne) 466-42??
Denny’s in Bensalem Unit #873 (a 109 unit with an extra room on the side) No clue
Denny’s in Essington Unit #1073 (a 149 unit) um, 521-1073?
Denny’s in Clifton Heights Unit #1283 (a 149 unit with a wine and beer license) 259-1283 burned into my mind forever
Denny’s in Roxborough Unit #1554 (a Series ’81 unit–this is an updated 109 unit with a double kitchen for super capacity) Don’t remember
Denny’s in City Line Avenue Unit #1574 (a 149 unit with a big back room for the bar–a full liquor license) Blocked from my mind
Denny’s in WestChester Unit #???? (an In-towner, a full scale Denny’s concept) um, 436-9004?

I worked in every one of these restaurants except WestChester (Bensalem for only one week, and Langhorne for only two nights–I subbed for short-staffed management teams). The 109 and 149 refer to the number of people the unit was designed to seat at one time. The Series ’81 did really have a beautiful kitchen, and I wish today’s TJ Rockwell’s here in town had one with a tenth the capacity–their food is great but their kitchen runs at a snail’s pace sometimes.

At least I’m slowly forgetting the phone numbers.