I’m using as one of my web browsers the program Safari (I use 5 browsers regularly–Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Camino, and Firebird). Unfortunately, several internal company builds of the Safari beta software have leaked out into the Internet. Dave Hyatt on his Safari weblog has asked that people not comment on the leaked builds, and people have in some cases reacted with hostility.

Personally, I’m surprised that Dave hasn’t been under pressure from his employers to yank this blog. I’m glad it’s here, but I don’t consider Dave under any obligation whatsoever to keep it up and running. I think that fact that it’s up at all is a tribute to openmindedness in the face of real world politics. Apple’s trade secrets are one of the only weapons it has to survive and prosper–I would expect no less of them than to enforce it vigorously. For anyone to expect anything else is naive at best.