Brad says on Truetech that Simon and Garfunkel may be getting back together for a reunion tour.

I have a hard time believing that this will come together, knowing the past attempted failures. However, I’ll be first in line if this actually happens. Even to hear a 60 year old Garfunkel voice.

One of my few regrets is not going to Central Park to hear Simon and Garfunkel play their reunion concert in 1981. It was the day before I left for college in Florida and my mother felt that I should pack. I should have thrown things in my bags and then booked like mad for NYC–I only lived two and a half hours away. Oh well. I have the CD, right?


Nothing made me miss their reunion tour in 1983, though. We drove up the Jersey Turnpike (counting the cars, of course) to Giants Stadium up near NYC. It was awesome. At that point, Paul Simon was going to name his Hearts and Bones album Allergies and he played us “The Late Great Johnny Ace” and “Allergies” for one of the first times in public.