We went to the Forum in Harrisburg to see Alyssa’s dance recital tonight. She was great and she had a great time. It was her first (she’s five), and I was definitely reminded of a certain sister of mine’s recital of, um, just a few years ago. 🙂

If you’ve never been to The Forum by the way, it’s a pretty cool place. It’s a large, round Greek building next to the State Capitol building. The ceiling is painted like the Sistine Chapel with all the constellations in their Greek forms, with lit five-pointed stars all over. I got to ask Drew “Where’s the crab? Where’s the bear?” and others. He loved it.

Unfortunately, the show was so long that I had to leave at intermission. Alyssa was finished dancing, but it would’ve been nice to see the whole thing–she stayed with Mommy and Drew for the rest of the show.

But I left for Philly and a plane to Seattle in the morning.