Frank Miller’s Batman:The Dark Knight in the ’80s had an older Batman–Bruce Wayne had stopped for ten years, but was compelled to take up the mantle again. This Batman was different. He didn’t have the time for niceties anymore–life was too short. His methods were more direct, less subtle–some said more abrasive. He was even more controversial than before, because he couldn’t afford to take the smooth route anymore–things were too important and time was too precious. Still a hero, but reality altered his methods of operation.

I kinda think that’s a bit like Dave Winer since his heart op last year. It’s none of my business really, but he seems like he doesn’t have the time to spend being “noble” while BOGU, as he puts it. It seems like life’s just too short not to tell it like it is. That’s not a bad thing, but it does seem to make him more of a lightning rod for attacks, which is sad.

I just seem to get this impression from reading Scripting News over the last couple of years. I could certainly be wrong–my wife might tell you that being wrong is my strongest trait. 🙂