I walked several miles around the downtown area last night to find a good meal, but ended up at McCormick and Schmick’s again. The appetizer was seared ahi with spicy seasonings, which means that it was sushi without the rice, seared on the outside but raw in the middle. It was awesome.

The entree was tilapia crusted with Cajun seasonings (yep, I was in the mood for spicy food last night). Again, awesome. The asparagus side vegetable was very tasty, just as on my Saturday night visit.

After dinner on the way uptown, I saw a long limo made out of a Hummer. Wow.

Then I checked out a reception that 3COM put up in the Westin hotel. Nice party–good people. And I won a 3COM network jack, the NJ90 four port wallplate switch!

After that I went to check out the Animatrix–they had a private screening for NECC attendees. We saw three of the Animatrix animated shorts and then had a question and answer session with the Animatrix producer (and head of AOL/Time/Warner Animation), Ken Duer. AOL/Time-Warner gave us all gift bags with The Matrix:Reloaded Soundtrack too. The animated video shorts were good–nothing I’d ever let my kids see, but good. Anyone who thinks cartoons are for kids should watch these, but be aware that some of them are quite violent.