If I were more energetic tonight, I’d tell you about my quest to find fireworks on Saturday at Knoebels. I can tell you that canvassing the entire staff of the park at every ride and refreshment stand would net you the information that both Shamokin and Millville had fireworks on Saturday night. Furthermore, Shamokin’s fireworks were to begin at 10:15pm, but wouldn’t be that long because “they didn’t have much money for them this year.” Millville’s fireworks were “very nice,” but when pressed, no one could say that they had actually attended the Millville fireworks. But they were at midnight anyway, so that was kinda late.

If you took the time to put the kids in the car and drive the 30 minutes to Shamokin, you’d find that 10:15 pm fireworks start at 10:00 pm, despite the evidence of roadside signs and local radio, due to the strange time warp the town apparently experiences (it seems to be the only conceivable explanation). Lucky for you that you started out early.

But the fireworks were pretty good.