My brother Joe is on his way to Tokyo as I write this. He spent the last few days in Seattle.

Of course, only this could happen to my brother Joe: he called me from the border yesterday because he decided to go to British Columbia, Canada, for lunch. That would make 4 countries he’ll have visited on his trip: Peru, Bolivia, Canada, and Japan.

He’s visited the US too, of course, but his home in Guam is technically a US territory, so he didn’t really leave the country to get here (or live there).

Also, Joe called me from the SEATAC airport today–his flight was overbooked, so he volunteered to be bumped form the flight. You know the drill–get bumped, then get a free pass on the airlines good for one year, right?

Not with Joe. He didn’t get bumped, but instead got a first class seat to Tokyo for his trouble.

Only Joe Mancuso.

Or Joe Way–he pulls this kind of stuff all the time too. Disgusting, isn’t it?