My dad was down in Sarasota a few weeks ago and went on a fishing trip out in the ocean (the Gulf, I guess). The weather was bad. Really bad. The tossing and turning had everyone ill, and several people were vomiting over the side of the ship.

But not my dad. At one point he decided to eat his lunch. He unwrapped his hoagie and began to munch away. At least he had a good lunch, if no fish yet.

Unfortunately, after a few tasty bites he noticed that people were looking in his direction and then turning green. And then leaning over the side and giving vent to their emotions (and whatever else was in their stomachs).

Feeling guilty, he wrapped his hoagie back up and regretfully put it away.

But then he was hungry. And no one caught any fish, either.

It just brings a tear to my eye.