Alyssa yanked her front tooth partway out in a bizarre jumping rope incident. The doctor on call said to take her to Hershey Medical Center to remove the tooth completely. Denise drove to Hershey Med. They refused to look at her (they didn’t have a dentist on staff).

So they told Denise to take her to York (50 minutes away) or to call our own dentist. Our own dentist (who is awesome, by the way) told us that the previous advice was ridiculous–Alyssa could sleep on it and see if the tooth came out or tightened up (my own thoughts all along–it was crooked, but not dangling).

It’s been two days–the tooth stayed in, just a bit crooked. But now Alyssa wants it to fall out so that the Tooth Fairy gives her a little something for it. Unfortunately, Aunt Lisa told her that the Tooth Fairy leaves her one hundred dollars.

I told Alyssa that one hundred pennies is more like it…