When I was four years old I watched a movie on TV called The Screaming Skull. At least I think it was called “the screaming skull.” It scared the heck of me, whatever it was called.

Now I deal with the screaming speedometer cable. It’s actually just a squeaking cable, but it gets really annoying. This is in my old Subaru, not the new van. I kept the old Sooby Doo around to have an emergency car, but it’s also good for a high-mpg vehicle since the van gets under 15mpg at times. I drove it this week, though, and the car instantly and vocally brought the squeak up to me.

The squeaking gets loud in cold weather (of which there was much this week), and it reminded me of one reason we were glad to get the van. It’s not crippling, though, and if you turn the stereo up enough…

Of course, at “Dave” volume on the stereo, it’s hard to hear anything else. (grin)