I’ve spent the last couple of nights (and a morning) diving into the Microsoft Exchange Server. It’s an email server that has calendaring and other goodies built in.

The one problem is that it’s a virus magnet. Everyone and everything tries to infect the messages sent through the Exchange server. If you set up this email server, you’re creating a huge target for bad mojo.

The other problem is that it’s Microsoft. This software has some weird dumb stuff going on with it, like most Microsoft programs. For instance, like Brad said, why does a software install special extras in its list, and then go to the next item in the list–special extras all over again? And then it goes through the entire list again after installation just to make sure that everything was installed? Are they just doing this to convince me that the money I spent was worth it?

Working with Microsoft is sometimes like fighting a tug of war that you know you’re losing–so you try to figure out the best way to lose in order to make the best of things.