So Apple’s iTunes has become Time magazine’s invention of the year. How do they do it? They weren’t first to market, but they made it work. It’s just like USB–technology that was a flop until Apple made it a standard and evangelized it. Within a year, USB devices were out for both Mac and Windows everywhere.

It’s like home wireless networks. Wireless base stations were in production from other manufacturers, but they cost $1100 apiece. Enter Apple, with a $289 base station that worked like a dream. They singlehandedly created the home wireless revolution and everyone else followed suit.

My two administrators with PC laptops asked to move back to Macs this year because of the things they can do with OS X. Now it seems that Apple has decided to roll out some of its magic to Windows products. Hey, this is a company that had the precursor to Mac OS X running on PC machines (look here if you dont’ believe me). It’s a good time to be working with computers.

iTunes is available for download for both Macintosh and Windows here. Be careful about buying those dollar songs once you get iTunes up and running, though–it can be addictive.