So…Drew was talking at dinner about how he watched the end of Almost Famous with me the other day. He proudly answered Denise’s immediate question with “there was no violence in the movie, Mommy.” I felt obligated to mention that there was a bad word in the movie, but Drew said “Don’t worry Mommy, I didn’t learn it!” He didn’t remember it, actually.

Which put me in mind of a story I then told the kids. When I was little, four or five years old, I came back home to my dad after playing with Johnny Pritchard down the street. I revealed to my dad that Johnny had told me a bad word.

“What was it, David?”

“Daddy, it was a very bad word, I think. I can’t say it.”

“No, tell me, David. What was the word?”

“OK–it was f*&%!”

I saw the shocked look in my dad’s eyes almost (but not quite) in time to avoid the loud slap. My head wasn’t ringing, but blank surprise would be a good description of my own reaction.

“DAVID! Don’t ever say that word again!”

I think I learned that day that it’s not always wise to always give your parents what they ask for. (grin)