Geekdom over Lord of the Rings–here’s an illustration of my point. I showed the guys at work the Return of the King preview today and I was complaining about a mispronunciation on the part of the executive producer.

Me: See? He said “Sore-on” when it’s “Sour-on.” Bad.
Mike: So what?
Me: It’s not the correct pronunciation.
Mike: How do you know?
Me: What?
Mike: Seriously, where is there any pronunciation guide? Did Tolkien write a pronunciation guide and include it in the book? (Laughs)
Me: Yes.
Mike: What?
Me: Yes, he did. It’s in Appendix C or E–I think it’s in Appendix E.
(Mike, Brad, and Dan make murmurings about my complete and utter geekdom)

The sad thing is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I admit it here first: when I was sixteen, I started a trivia book on Lord of the Rings.

It feels good to come clean. Maybe there’s a twelve step program somewhere I can join. Or a D&D game I can join, anyway.