I’m going tomorrow to see the triple Lord of the Rings showing in a day completely different from The Two Towers a year ago.

Last year I drove to the premiere of TTT aware that I’d be traveling to Michigan the following morning to get to my grandmother’s funeral. It was to be a 12 hour drive one way, which turned into a plane ride thanks to my dad.

Which turned into a bumped connection in Chicago, which turned into a 300 mile drive in a rental car from Chicago to Pinconning (near Saginaw). And then a 300 mile race back the next day in blinding snow to turn the rental car in within the 24 hour deadline. And then a flight back to Philly to get to my car so I could drive 2 more hours home to Etown.

All on the day that Trent Lott’s career unraveled, weirdly enough.

This year, all I have to worry about is stretching my feet in between movies. Bliss.