I’ve still not seen an iTunes Pepsi bottle in Lancaster County, but since I go to Philly so often I’ve found my third winning bottle cap. I’m putting it in for a 99 cent credit on iTunes, but when I use the credit, what song shall I pick? My last choice was the subject of ribbing around the office (from people who apparently have no sense of true music history, or who think that the only worthwhile band in the 60’s were The Kinks–what’s up with that?). This time I throw the question to the vast readership of this weblog–all three of you. If left to myself I’d probably look up something from Los Straitjackets, so suggest away! No Linkin Park–yes, I know now that they’re a band and not a place, thank you.

For those deductive eagle eyes among you, you may be wondering about my second winning iTunes bottlecap. I am sad to announce that in a tragic turn of events, my second winning bottlecap was accidentally thrown in my dad’s kitchen trash and taken out to a dumpster just hours ago. Unfortunately, the bag was not visible in the dumpster by the time I went to investigate, and I had to be restrained from dumpster-diving in an attempt to retrieve the cap. This gave way to muttering from my wife about me and the bottle cap with unkind words like “obsessed” with “a stupid cap” and “it’s only 99 cents!” and other choice phrases. I think I heard more words under her breath, but they were hard to make out, something like “why can’t you be obsessed with unloading the dishwasher,” but I can’t be sure. The knowing chuckles from my father failed to help the situation, either. Tragic, tragic.