My wife has begun to collect iTunes bottle caps for me at work. In fact, she’s put up a sign in the faculty room that she’ll pay her coworkers 50 cents for a winning bottlecap if they don’t want it (and has paid several times now). Wow–I am humbled. That’s selfless committment for you: a wife that will “feed your music song obsession,” to use her words. I used one of the caps she gave me to get the song Denise by Fountains of Wayne (the Stacy’s Mom song band).

By the way, many thanks to Brad for advising me on the last few songs I bought from the iTunes Music Store (ITMS), although he says it was for the sanity of the office (they apparently can’t stand feeling the floor’s bass beat of Oye Como Va while I’m in the office working).

Thanks also to my friend John Davies, who brought a pretty cool song and band to my attention: Mass Romantic by The New Pornographers (unusual name for a band, but great music).