Sorry for the lack of updates–I recommitted to Atkins (and started losing weight almost immediately), and one of the temporary side effects for me is that I get sleepy earlier. So I’ve been catching up on sleep, which is good since I usually get only 5 hours or so a night.

It could also be my body telling me I’ve got to take better care of myself–things at work have been highly stressful since last fall (the workload increased dramatically but no extra help came in), and I developed “extra heartbeats” from it. Apparently the technical term is extra bigeminy and trigeminy. Luckily, the cardiologist said that my EKG shows that I did not have a heart attack. So he says that this arrhythmia pattern is benign. So it doesn’t hurt me for the time being, but it can bug the heck out of me (better than some–he said some people feel pain with this).

So he gave me some Toprol-XL and told me to take a half a pill a day if the heartbeats bother me. But when I looked at the Internet about Toprol, the side effects creeped me out. Don’t stop taking it suddenly or you could have a heart attack?! I guess that’s why he prescribed such a small dose. I’ve had to take it three times in the last week, but that’s all. I’m hoping that losing weight, getting back in shape, and lessening stress will remove the condition without the medicine. The stress is the biggest thing according to the doctor, but all three need work. It’s funny to note that since I re-studied the Atkins book and went back on Induction, I’ve felt dramatically better (and have eaten more salad this week than in the last month).

So Bill, you still want to become a tech? (grin)