I just found out that Nicole and Brad (and probably Mike and Dan), who are ten years younger than me, have never heard (or even heard of) I Don’t Like Mondays by Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats.


I don’t really know what to say–I’m into pop culture obviously (although there are huge holes in my knowledge–see John Davies or Kevin Corcoran or Sam Caggiula for a real collective awareness). Nevertheless, I’m shocked when a piece of pop like this disappears from the cultural consciousness.

If you go to the iTunes Music Store and search for “I Don’t Like Mondays,” you’ll get the Boomtown Rats version as well as a Bon Jovi cover (with Geldof) and Tori Amos’ version (I realy have to work harder at appreciating Tori’s music–she always sounds so depressed).