I lent Jeff and Lisa the van last week and the dropped it off at Dad’s on Wednesday. I decided to take the train in to Philly to pick it up–that way I avoid dragging Denise, the kids, and a second car along for the ride.

It’s interesting going to Philly this way. It was pretty fast, despite a couple of stops. Only an hour and a half, and I was in 30th Street Station. This train station is huge. The ceiling in the main lobby is a couple of hundred feet up–the room is so big that some pigeons are flying around in here, mistaking it for a roost or something. No one pays any attention to them.

Huh. Oh well, off to Ridley via the Septa rail system. Funny–the last (and almost only) time I went on that route I ran into Kim Fatzinger, who told me about poor Rick Stefanowicz passing away. That would be, um, 1988 at about this time of year.

Time flies.