I thought I’d mentioned it on the blog, but it’s all a blur from back then. My dad just got back to work after being off for a while. The second stent operation was a success, and he went down to Florida to recuperate. He couldn’t fly, though, so he had to take a train. He could barely restrain his joy at taking 24 hours to make a trip that usually takes 3 hours on his airline, but he managed somehow.

My dad now has six stents in various arteries. I think he’s about “stented out.” His doctor said that if he were any other patient, or if they were any other practice, stents wouldn’t have been an option. I have to hand it to my dad, though. He insisted on, and got, a successful stent procedure. This means that he’s never had to go through open heart surgery, which it about as invasive a procedure as you can get.

I don’t know if my dad was really ready to go back to work yet, but he’s a lot better off now than with three major arteries amost totally closed off. He looks better, too. People still think he’s my brother rather than my father (I think that’s more a reference to his youthful appearance than my early aging, white hair aside).