I haven’t had time to try this, but heck–how hard can balancing the federal budget be, anyway?


I mean, my own personal finances are more complex than the budgets of many leading nations already.

Try it out at this site.

Of interest is the “Do Budget Deficits Matter?” link. I’m reformulating my opinions about budget deficits, since I’m realizing more and more that our economy is based on mass psychology anyway (or mob psychology, some might say). Seriously–the gold standard was effectively eliminated in 1933 by FDR–we have only a few drops of gold even in Fort Knox! Our money’s value is based solely on faith in the credit of the United States government. Add that to the fact that our banks lend our ten times the money they actually own (no lie–you’ve never heard of the ten percent law in banking?) and the economy really takes on new meanings.

No wonder the dollar dips in foreign markets when Greenspan gets a cold.