This article from an American professor in Central Asia is interesting. I wish more of this discussion would go around the world. From the blog:

“In Bosnia and Somalia, we were supporting Muslims,” I said. “And in the war against Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait, we were supporting Muslims who were attacked by other Muslims.”

A stony silence, more of bewilderment than hostility, enveloped the room, as if I’d just announced to a group of American students that the earth wasn’t round, or that Utah was just a cartographer’s fantasy. It was the first of many retreats in the face of an unaccustomed challenge to official truths.

This site is a good read as well–it’s about the new Iraq by Iraqis. Here’s an excerpt from a Iraqi family discussion about Americans in Iraq:

“Then why do you hate the Americans you son of a b***h!? I couldn’t get you a bicycle a year ago, I could hardly feed you and your brothers and sisters. You didn’t know what an apple or a banana tasted like, I couldn’t buy you a damned Pepsi bottle except in occasions, and now you can have all that you wish, and a car of your own! Who do you think made that possible!?” My cousin’s face turned red and didn’t answer as we laughed and I said “What do you think Ibrahim?” He said, “Well it’s true but it’s our money. They are not giving us a charity” and I said “Of course it’s our money, so let’s forget the Billions of dollars they are giving to rebuild Iraq and the efforts they are making to cut down our debts and lets talk about our money. Why didn’t your father, I, my brothers and all the Iraqis have anything worth mentioning before the Americans came?” He said, “Because Saddam used it to buy weapons and build palaces”. “There you have it Ibrahim, but Americans are not touching our money. Can you tell me who’s better; the “occupiers” who are helping us or the “patriot” who did all that you know to us?