To quote little Rob, check this out: Colin Powell’s aide trying to chop off an interview with Tim Russert and Powell straightening her out (“Emily, get out of the way.”). The first movie link has been disabled, but check the mirror sites lower down on the page I linked you to.

It’s hard to hear the exchange, but you can hear the aide saying something about perhaps Russert asking questions he wasn’t supposed to? And then Powell saying “but he’s still asking questions.” An audibly angry Powell told his aide to get out of the way and had the camera put back on him for the final question.

My only guess is that the aide didn’t like Russert’s question, or Russert asked an embargoed question and Powell answered too much. But to pull the camera off indicates some alarm or anger on the part of the aide with respect to the interview. Powell’s answers do contradict testimony of Rumsfeld’s aides in front of Congress, so perhaps that could have been a factor. A shame. Powell seems to have a lot of integrity–I think he’s a man caught in political situations where he’s been forced to unneccesarily break his code of ethics. Then he gets dinged for speaking the truth.

Update: the NYT has more.